Stone Impressions Appointment Info

If you are looking at having Stone Impression keepsakes for a full consultation and impressions to be taken please allow around 45mins-1hour - Taking the impressions only takes a moment to do and is a simple and easy process that is mess free, however it's the design and customisation that will take the time!

Bespoke Jewellery appointments, again taking impressions is mess free and easy to do - working with you we create your design to your specification from size to shape, impression type or custom design please allow around 30-45mins - if you have a good idea on what you would like this can be much quicker at 15-30mins!  


What makes us different!

It is important to remember to purchase directly with Little Hands, Little Feet Keepsakes to ensure you are receiving a high quality keepsake. On viewing our artwork and jewellery, all handcrafted using generaous amounts of silver for our jewellery that makes it chunkier than most competitors, we also use sterling silver as standard, many use fine silver which is a much sofer metal.  

Our frames we have sourced the best wood and our most popular is the solid oak, all beautifully handcrafted our quality and finish can not be compared and nor can our prices, beautiful high quality at fantastic prices.  


You do not need to know the answers to all of the below, but at least it will get you thinking as many don't realise the extent of options availale at your keepsake appointment! Created with you, for you.

  • Which casting combination would you like and layout? Or do you have your own idea, please discuss prior to your appointent
  • What colour are you drawn to the Golds, Silvers, Natural Finish
  • Where do you intend to put the finished keepsake in your home? It is advised to avoid putting over a heat source like a radiator or fire, or in direct sunlight
  • Wood Choice, includes: Solid Oak, Black Effect, White Effect, Dark Brown
  • Frame lining colour choice - With around 30-35 mountboard colours to go in the frame, we'll have your perfect match
  • Do you have a suitable photo for the photo combinations? If so please bring it  with you to your appointment as this will help with the lining colours and final stone impression colours
  • Would you like us to recommend photographers, see our directory we also have special offers with various companies
  • Would you like anything hand written within the frame? ie. First Name & Age
  • Would you rather have a name plate, which will be styled to suit colours chosen this enables further customization such as Full Name, Age or Date of casting as an example
  • Or would you like to include, our wooden word art!

We look forward to welcoming you and helping to create your very special keepsakes