Clean & Care Of Stone Impressions


We pride ourselves on excellent service throughout, therefore should you need any touch ups on your keepsake frame after delivery or overtime - such as more gold, pewter or natural finish or maybe natural beeswax that is added to our frames please don't hesitate to get in touch, as all tastes are different and we aim to have each one as personal and bespoke to exactly how you would like it!


All we ask is that you arrange a mutually convienient time to drop off and collect your keepsake - we offer these adjustments to your keepsake free of charge 


Should you wish to make major changes to your keepsake - such as colourschemes - photo choices - frame - replacement glass if an accident occurs charges may apply - again just contact us to discuss your requirements


We advise not to place in direct sunlight within your home or a conservatory or hung over a radiator or fireplace as the heat from the source can overtime make the mountboard bow at the back in to the frame!


Simple dusting of your frame is all that is required


There would be no need for you to open your keepsake, and we would not advise this as you could damage your stone impression tiles on opening which are irreplaceable!