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Loving Memory

Truly created by hand & heart........ 

Alison has personally taken impressions of little ones who sadly, have passed away at various stages of life.   

I also take impressions of adults & pets too. 

"At such sad times it is a very hard job to do, I never thought when I started in my Police career back in April 2000 that I would have been able to take impressions if asked, on the passing of a loved one........I never really thought about the sad times when I maybe needed 

There is nothing that can prepare me when I make the long walk to the maternity unit to share such special moments with a family that stay with me forever, or going down the very long corridor to the mortuary.   

Where possible I do try and take impressions in private with the help of a member of staff, as depedning on the age and situation it can sometimes take some time  x

 Lots of tears follow and sleepless nights, no matter how much training and experience I've had. The only thing that pulls me through is meeting with the families afterwards and them receiving their truly amazing keepsakes.......

It maybe many months later as we all grieve in different ways...when the family is ready to meet - for some this maybe the first time of seeing me xx

Much Love

Ali xx 

Some questions you may have

Do you already have impressions?

If at the hospital you have already had impressions taken with inkprint kits, we would just need a copy of this sent to us by post or if you can scan and email them to us - These would be suitable for our keepsake jewellery collection

Need Impressions Taking?

If you would like Ali to take impressions for you please let us know the following:

Who we are visiting to take impressions of

Where we are needed to go: hospital, hospice, funeral directors, veterinary practice

Would you like impressions taking on paper?

(Suitable for our keepsake jewellery - these are miniaturised impressions taken from the impressions on paper.)

Would you like fingerprint impressions taking?

Would you like impressions taking suitable for our framed keepsakes in stone?

Are you the next of kin?

(We would need permission to take impressions from the next of kin)

We are not local to you, can you still create our keepsakes?

Yes we can.

If you already have impressions please send a copy to us by post or email - if emailing these need to be scanned not a photograph so we have the best quality image to work with.  You can choose from our selection of keepsake jewellery.

If you need a kit sending to your funeral directors or veterinary practice please email us or phone 07624 264435 (voicemail is available) depending on the time of your call or email we maybe able to dispatch the kit on the same day and by special delivery for next day delivery to you.

We are unable to provide our framed stone impressions by post.

I don't have any impressions but would like a bespoke piece created in loving memory, can you help?

We would be honoured to help you create a special keepsake and can work with your ideas and make suggestions for you too - please contact Ali.