How long is the appointment?


It can vary, please allow up to 20-30 minutes for a full consultation


Where are the appointments?


Appointments are available with us in Riley's Garden Centre, hospital or at hospice.  

Home visits are also available at an additional charge-due to additional travel time needed before and after your appointment along with the rising costs in petrol. 


Payment Information


Payment in full is required at your appointment this can be by cash, bank transfer, PayPal or card via SumUp

 (The above is with the exception of our In Loving Memory Customers where we may not meet yourselves on the day of taking impressions)


How much detail?


As all of our pieces are original prints taken from yourselves no enhancements can be done.  

N.B for fingerprint jewellery 

  • Some babies do not have defined prints until they are well over a year old - there is no set age or guarantee when the definition will be greater as we are all different and unique.  For this reason you can have your little one's prints taken at any age and the result could be more of a dimple impression than a print - but still just as cute! 
  • Adults - our age, occupation, lifestyle & health can affect the definition of our prints. Some become very shallow so the finished pieces may show wrinkles and dimples more than what you may expect as a typical fingerprint. Whatever the outcome, the jewellery is made using a casting of your actual print - whatever mark or impression is made is just as special!


Do adult fingerprints have to go on a larger size charm / pendant?


 No, if you choose a charm or small pendant, I will use the clearest section of the fingerprint. 


What are the age limits?


There are none! Impressions for framed castings and/or jewellery can be taken at any age.  


Can my jewellery be further personalised by writing such as a name?


All pieces can be personalised one side and is included in the price, it does depend on the size you choose and how long the name or message is where the positioning would be best

Handwriting can be also engraved - we can discuss at your appointment should you wish to have this option


I already have an ink impression can you use this?


Yes, I can work with impressions already taken and have turned impressions of little feet that were taken in the year 2000 in to a stunning piece of jewellery.  I will always tell you if the impressions aren’t clear enough for a good print and the choice will be use if you wish to continue as sadly sometimes this maybe all you have.



When will my keepsake be ready?


Jewellery :  4 - 6  weeks later. 

Frames : 8 - 12 weeks from date design choices are finalised. 


I will then contact you to arrange a convenient delivery time.



Do I need to bring anything else with me?


If your baby has a favourite toy, it can be a good distraction 



Can I take photo’s of the impressions being taken? 


Of course! However, the priority for me is to obtain the best impressions that I can at your appointment, so if the photography is too distracting it may not be possible - your understanding and help at your session to obtain the best possible impressions is much appreciated   


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Love, Catherine xx