How long is the appointment?


It can vary, please allow up to 10-20 minutes for a full consultation


Where are the appointments?


Appointments are available with us in Douglas, hospital or at hospice.  

Home visits are also available at an additional charge-due to additional travel time needed before and after your appointment along with the rising costs in petrol. We also hold sessions at The Mill Shop at Tynwlad Mills and attend Markets too.


What can you do if I am not local to you?


We have customers all over the world, including USA, Australia, Canada, UK and Europe


We can always Skype if you would like to have a face to face chat - please email me to set up an appointment.  Otherwise we can discuss your requirements further via email.  Once we are all happy with what you would like Dianne will send you an impression kit if needed.  If you have already emailed us a scanned copy of your prints no kits are needed.


Payment will also need to be made in full at the time of the kits being dispatched.  This can be done by Direct Transfer if you do online banking and an invoice will be sent (BACS), Cheque, Paypal.  If you are paying in any other currency than GBP we will send you instructions on how to make payment using PAYPAL Secure Checkout


Payment Information


Payment in full is required at your appointment this can be by: CASH / CHEQUE made payable to Little Hands, Little Feet / BACS TRANSFER - Direct Debit is done on invoice after your appointment / CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS are completed by secure online transfer by PAYPAL - Any card transactions or BACS Transfer we are not provided with any of your personal details.


We do offer a scheme where you can pay in instalments - no work will begin or frames ordered until payment is made in full


(The above is with the exception of our In Loving Memory Customers where we may not meet yourselves on the day of taking impressions)




How much detail?



As all of our pieces are original prints taken from yourselves no enhancements can be done.  

Some babies do not have defined prints until they are well over a year old others do and the same in an older child there is no set age or guarantee when the definition will be greater as we are all different and unique.  For this reason you can have your babies prints taken at any age and the result could be more of a dimple impression than a print - but still just as cute! 



Do adult fingerprints have to go on a larger size charm / pendant?



No, I have done adult impressions on our smallest extra small charm that has taken up the whole piece and looked stunning, with engraving on the back.  So it depends if you would like  engraving on the front, if this was the case then the next size up would have worked better.  It also depends on how you are going to wear your keepsake as in my opinion the XS & Small charms work better as charms on a bracelet or on a pendant, where as the medium size would work well as a pendant on a 

necklace but the choice is yours!


If you are unsure on which size please email me with any questions and I can give you the measurements for your chosen shape and advise you better, but the choice is yours if you go for a whole print or part of a print


How old should my baby be


It is your own personal choice when to have the impression taken, please see above for impression detail.

There is also no upper age limit, so all the family can get involved!!


With very small babies it is usually easier to take the impression whilst they are sleeping!


I can always test your baby prior to deciding to see if there is much of a print but some will opt to have it even as a little dimple impression! As it’s a true memento of a time so precious   



Can my Jewellery be further personalised by writing such as a name?


All pieces can be personalised one side is included in the price, it does depend on the size you choose and how long the name or message is where the positioning would be best


This is done by a professional engraver to enhance your piece as some of the stamps or even hand written options can take away from the look of your keepsake.  If you wish to have additional engraving such as a message on the back aswell as on the front there will be an additional charge



I already have an ink impression can you use this?


Yes, I can work with impressions already taken and have turned impressions of little feet that were taken in the year 2000 in to a stunning piece of jewellery.  I will always tell you if the impressions aren’t clear enough for a good print and the choice will be use if you wish to continue as sadly sometimes this 

maybe all you have.



When will my Jewellery be ready?


Approximately 4 weeks later.  I will then contact you to arrange a convenient delivery time.


If you do need your pieces in a hurray please see our express service here


Do I need to bring anything else with me?


If your baby has a favourite toy, it can be a good distraction 



Can I take photo’s of the impressions being taken? 


Ofcourse, the only thing I will say is that the priority is to obtain the best impressions that I can at your appointment, so if the photography is too distracting it may not be possible - your understanding and help at your casting session to obtain the best possible impressions is much appreciated   


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.