Important Facts - Keepsake Jewellery

Our Jewellery is a lovely keepsake from your babies first little print, first birthday or to celebrate your wedding day or special anniversary.


Dianne is also experienced in taking impressions when the loss of a loved one occurs and can work with you when using ink impressions that may have been taken many years ago.  We do not require the original impressions and simply ask for you to scan the ink impressions to you computer to then email them to us.


What You Need To Know When Purchasing Fingerprint & Keepsake Jewellery!

Here are a few things to take have a think about when searching the net for your keepsake jeweller


What is included in the price? Before you place your order check what is included in the price. Most items are displayed with engraving but you will find that it is not always included with the company you are looking at.  Or it can be handwritten which isn't always attractive! Check what attachments are included, items may be displayed with a chain but not included or may give you no option to have it without the chain that you may not want!!


One of my MUST TIPS! Check the Size and depth of the jewellery and if it is Fine Silver .999 or Sterling Silver .925 


If a company seems to be considerably cheaper than others it may be because their items are thinner and not using as much silver or smaller than other companies sometimes both!


Where possible ask for measurements and approx overall size so you can compare the companies fairly and check the material you are receiving.


We are one of the few companies to now offer Sterling Silver .925 - with new technology and developments that became available towards the end of 2012 sterling silver is available, this gives your pieces more durability over pure silver .999 that is normally used in the keepsakes industry.


We offer a price match guarantee as we are so confident you won't find the same product, like for like - using the same Silver, with professional engraving! 


Our jewellery includes professional engraving and bespoke boxes designed for us to compliment our range.  We also offer professional soldering should you require this - it is an added benefit if you are adding on to charm bracelets or keyrings where extra tugs and pulls are common.


We have customers worldwide who have found us on Facebook as we are located on The Isle of Man.  You can also be assured of our quality as we hold our jewellers hallmark with the London Assay Office.


Some People Say I Can’t Wear Silver


We  now create all our pieces in Sterling Silver (92.5% Silver) as of November 2012 - Should you require Pure Silver (99.9% Silver) also known the following; Fine Silver,  Hypoallergenic Jewellery this can be arranged. 


What is the difference between this and sterling silver? Fine Silver is the highest grade of silver you can purchase being 99.9% Pure Silver.

Sterling Silver contains 92.5% Pure Silver/Fine Silver and 7.5% other alloys which gives additional strength against knocks, this is what most jewellery would be made with such as brands like Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Links of London - look for the .925 stamp.


Some people are allergic to silver jewellery, but silver jewellery is usually actually made of sterling silver which is an alloy as described above. The allergies in fact come from the other metals in the alloy, not from the silver. Therefor if you have an allergy to sterling silver please let us know and we will use pure silver for you instead of sterling.


On some pieces like footprints, handprints and paws you have the option to add a darkening which some customers find does not suit their skin type


Detail of Fingerprint Impressions


As all of our pieces are original prints taken from yourselves no enhancements can be done.  Some babies do not have a defined print until they are over a year old and others do and the same in an older child there is no set age or guarantee when the definition is greater.  For this reason you can have your babies prints taken at any age and the result could be more of a impression than a print - but still just as cute!


Taking the impression is mess-free and quick, sometimes with younger babies of a few days or weeks old it is easier to take them whilst they are sleeping.


We are able to use the same impression to make additional charms, should you wish us to we can keep the imprint for you to use at a later date - a great and unique gift for anytime of the year!