How long is the appointment?


It can vary, I would allow up to 45 minutes for a full consultation


Where are the appointments?


Appointments are available with us in Douglas near the Kirby Park Garden Centre, in the comfort of your home (additional charges apply) within one of our casting venues, where you can also view the keepsakes and book your appointment.  Should you need us to visit the hospital or hospice 

there are no charges incurred 


Can I see samples prior to my appointment?


Yes, not a problem - It’s so hard to capture the impression detail for the website and leaflets so if you wish to have a closer look before deciding or you would like to make colour choices without your children, so at your appointment it is simply taking impressions please get in touch - If you are due to have your baby a small selection is on display in the Jane Crookall Maternity Unit


Can my baby be asleep whilst having the impression taken?


I have had 2 babies of 3 & 4 weeks old sleep through the whole process! To this day I am still amazed : )


Most are awake, do they cry - like anything some do and some aren’t fazed by the process at all, I can’t even say it’s age dependent.  


Please let your toddler know in advance so it’s not a surprise, if you can do high fives this can help on the day!

With older children I find it’s a fun and different thing for them to do, again please let them know in advance



Can I take photo’s of the impressions being taken? 


Ofcourse, the only thing I will say is that the priority is to obtain the best impressions that I can at your appointment, so if the photography is too distracting it may not be possible.  Should you wish for specific photos of your casting appointment I can bring additional materials that won’t matter if they get spoilt this 

would be at an additional cost 


When will my keepsake be ready?


Around 8 weeks later.

I will then contact you to arrange a convenient time


Can You Offer An Express Service 


With the Stone Impressions, I would have to say sadly no due to time needed to have the frame handmade and your keepsake finished.  If it is the stone impressions that you would like you can always purchase a gift voucher box, then the recipient can have fun too actually doing the casting and choosing from the many options.  Alternatively take a look at our Pure Silver Jewellery Range this I can make usually within 1-2 weeks in an express service.



Do I need to bring anything else with me?


I use wipes to clean your child’s hands / feet afterwards so if you have your own wipes 

that you would like to use please bring them with you .  If your baby has a favourite toy, it can be a good distraction 


How old should my baby be


It is your own personal choice when to have the impression taken, there is also no upper age limit, so all the family can get involved!

Dianne is a trained keepsake specialist and has taken impressions on the day of a baby being born.


Your satisfaction, is our priority 


All our products are made by hand, in this complex process certain aspects are out of our control.  


Should your impression not meet our high standards we will re take the impression to ensure we get the highest possible quality, for each and every keepsake.


If you need any adjustments after you have had your keepsake for a little while, ie decide you’d like more of the finish or any other adjustments, 

don’t hesitate to contact me.


More information can be found here - Terms & Conditions


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me