About Us


Welcome to our website, as a mum I wanted to capture the tiny hand and foot impressions of my little ones as I knew they would not stay small for very long!!


 I have taken the time to source the best wood for our frames and worked hard to achieve the finish of our keepsakes at a very competitive price as you will see - for those on the UK mainland we are looking in to options as we are unable to provide kits for the range due to the technique and skill involved at capturing the impressions.  We can however offer our keepsake jewellery by post as the materials used in capturing impressions and technique os easy for you to do yourselves at home.


Since launching the company in 2009 we have expanded our range due to customer requests to include, pets, dogs,horses and adult impressions including wedding sets.


After working and experimenting in Pure Silver for about a year, in 2010 we launched Fingerprint Jewellery - your fingerprint impressions set in to pure silver as a very unique piece of jewellery or pieces that could be added to such items as frames, keyrings etc


We have also set paw prints too (just the pad detail) on to a pandora - ever changing and listening to what our customers would like.

In December 2011 we were able to help a lady who sadly in the year 2000 lost her little boy Zachary after finding us on Facebook stayed in contact with us and always commented on our keepsakes and pieces, on receiving an email asking if we could take little impressions from an ink kit taken in the hospital of little Zachary.


I was able to make a stunning pendant and am still amazed at the detail.  


Hand, Foot and Paw Prints have now been added to our collection. 


2012 was a big year for us, we were approved by the London Assay Office which is where we can have our pieces tested and hallmarked which can only be done at an Assay Office not by the jewellers themselves.

New customised bespoke jewellery packaging also followed as well as new products have also been launched including:

Our exclusively designed and only available through us “The Little Silver Book” a collection of impressions all captured beautifully in a silver pendant.  

Back to Back charms and pendants were launched in March 2012 and April 2012 saw the launch of our Silver Prints Bracelet - similar to the silver book just as a lovely bracelet 

Your kisses, baby scan images and doodles drawings in to the mix for an ever increasing range and choice for you our valued customers, still keeping our personal service, high quality at competitive prices around the globe


Towards mid year saw the raised impressions in silver for a slightly different look

Followed by 22ct Gold and 2ct Gold Plated as additional options


Starting the New year of 2013, very exciting plans lie ahead!!

February sees the arrival of Back To Back / Doublesided Impressions & Raised all on one piece!


Happy New Year To You all.......


If you have something a little different in mind, please don’t hesitate to let me know as I like a challenge and will try to make your ideas a reality 


Thanks Again For Stopping By          


Dianne Gains